āœØ Help your Scrum Team set Product & Sprint Goals šŸ“„

This month was all about setting great goals for yourself as a Scrum Master, but also about helping your team do the same. Product Goal and Sprint Goal are important commitments in the Scrum Framework and you need to implement these elements the same way you would do with Scrum accountabilities, events and artifacts.

I have covered many topics related to goals this month in my previous videos and posts, so if you would like to learn why setting goals is a skill and how to overcome common goals-related challenges, check the latest blog posts.

Scrum Master’s role is to support the team and the organization in the implementation of Scrum. If your team is struggling with setting goals, you need to bring useful tools and opportunities to learn and improve.

To help you with this I have been working hard this month to prepare a workshop on Product & Sprint Goals for Scrum Teams. It can help you teach your team how to define great goal, and set the foundation for the team’s Product Goal and Sprint Goals.

The workshop covers the most important topics the team needs to master in order to succeed with setting great goals and develop the skill.

Through exercises, the team learns essential concepts about goals in Scrum, then practices creating Sprint Goals. The workshop ends with the team creating their Product Goal and planning a few Sprint Goals that might make sense in the future.

Grab a copy of the facilitation guide and teach your team everything they need to know about Product & Sprint Goals.

All of my workshop materials come with handy templates for online delivery, step-by-step guide with concrete examples and exercises. Run awesome workshops stress free and wow the audience with your facilitation skills!

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