Real-life Strategies for Career Success

Learn how other Agile professionals just like you find solutions to common  challenges.

In every episode, your host, Daria Bagina, sits down with Agile professionals working with teams every day to discuss real-life solutions to real-life challenges. 

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What we've talked about so far


Stories from your fellow colleagues working with teams every day

Scrum haters? Imposter syndrome? Team conflicts? Management pushback?

You’re not alone.

Join me as I speak about common challenges professionals like us face when working with Agile teams.
In every episode, we will share our successes and failures you can learn from. And more importantly, we’ll discuss real-life solutions to real-life challenges.
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meet your host

Hosted by Daria Bagina

Daria is a Professional Scrum Trainer with

She started her journey of Scrum mastery in 2014 and since then she worked with Agile teams in many different organizations.

From start-ups of 10 people to big financial institutions. From technical products like DNS administration and cloud platforms, to teams building sales channels in a beauty industry.

Today Daria runs ScrumMastered – a training and consulting business that aims to help professionals build awesome teams using Agile and Scrum practices. 

She teaches and mentors Scrum Masters in the field. Her focus is on helping Scrum Masters and other Agile professionals to build new skills and advance in their careers by providing them with practical examples and actionable steps to success.


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