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Understand the Scrum Master role like a Pro

Learn what you can focus on every day as a Scrum Master to get the best results. The Action Plan covers regular activities whether you are just starting out, or are already a seasoned professional.


Help your team learn Scrum and their role in it​​

Use a quick recap exercise about Scrum roles and the common misconceptions that you can easily turn into a game and expand to suit your needs. For yourself or for your team.


Level up your Scrum Master skills in 1 week

Get guidance on implementing improvements in your team and learn new skills along the way. Join me on these 7 days of actionable tips to become more confident in your role and succeed.


Upgrade Your Freebies

I have been creating facilitation guides and templates that can help you in your next big meeting. With these you are sure to awe the audience!

I also have some fun stuff 😉


The ULTIMATE Guide to the Scrum Master Role

The goal of this starter guide is to give you actionable steps to take on a daily basis to set yourself for success and implement real improvements in your first months working with a Scrum Team.


EVERYTHING you need to start a Product team

New practical guide for the role of a Product Owner with all the tools and practices needed to be successful working within a Scrum Team. Perfect for new Product Owners &Scrum Masters who want to help their Product Owners grow!


The ESSENTIAL Info for a Agile Team

This bundle is a one-stop-shop for starting Scrum Masters. It is packed with virtually everything you might need at the start. Plus it introduces you to some more advanced concepts and gives you more templates to implement.

Get ready for your next meeting in a few easy steps.

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