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Module 1 — Applying the Agile Values

First of all, we will do a deep dive into why Agile Manifesto came to life and how it changed the management world. This it what started it all, and this is what we’ll start with. Before we go any further, you will understand the reasons a switch to new ways of working was necessary. We’ll do a little history lesson using powerful frameworks.

At the same time we will uncover the Agile values one by one. By the end you will know exactly what each value means in terms of business decisions, relationships with customers and employees, as well as approach to management and leadership.

Module 2 — Understanding Agile Principles

Without the twelve principles, Agile ways of working are often misunderstood. We will spend the necessary time to understand how each principle affects the organizations and individuals. With a clear view on the full approach, you will be able to support your progress in this space as well as support your teams to successfully adopt Agile. This is where the Agile mindset comes to life.

And to help us in the next module introducing Scrum, we will also look at exactly how each principle is linked to Scrum.

Module 3 — Demystifying Empirical Process Control Theory

Scrum stands on three pillars of empiricism, it cannot succeed without empiricism. However, not many materials really cover this topic in a simple-to-understand way.

We will review the empirical process control theory through the lense of a practical approach. Without the overly complicated language you will be able to understand and even explain it to others with ease.

We will look into how empiricism helps organizations become more agile and how it supports Scrum teams in their development efforts.

Module 4 — Modelling Scrum Values Based Behaviours

Values is the life of Scrum.

Without understanding the meaning of Scrum values, what we get is Zombie Scrum, lots of ScrumButs and simple processes that everyone hates.

We will look into what kind of culture and behaviours Scrum values encourage and discourage and what can be considered unethical in the context of Scrum with specific examples. With this in your mind, you will be able to model the right team and company culture and lead by example.

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This course can be helpful both for people with some experience, for example, Scrum Masters, as well as for people who start with Agile from scratch. We deep dive into each topic in more detail and students who have been working in the field for years have found the course very useful in really understanding the concepts. In addition, each lesson has a worksheet to help you apply what you learned to your team and organization – so it’s not just theory. It focuses on helping you practice.

If you want to continue to grow in an Agile environment, whether as a Scrum Master or not, you will find tremendous value in the course.

You will get instant access to the four full modules of the course as described above. You can start learning right away with all the materials immediately unlocked.

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We all have different ways to learn. With a variety of materials we try to accommodate all types of learners in this course.

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Yes, you will get a certificate of completion from ScrumMastered upon submission of completed worksheets.

This course is to help you gain a profound understanding of Agile that will help you be successful in the current job market (where everything is about Agile). 

It is created by a Professional Scrum Trainer and an Agile Practitioner, Daria Bagina, based on her experience and knowledge in the field.

This course might help you pass various certifications, for example, PSM I, however, it is not designed as an exam preparation. Getting a certificate is easy, but being able to apply the concept that is really valued.