I Help Professionals Build Great Teams Using Agile & Scrum Practices

Here you’ll find professional experiences, practical tools, actionable advice, and best practices that you can immediately start using to build credibility, trust, and success in your Agile and Scrum implementations.

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About Me

I'm Daria Bagina.

My mission as a Professional Scrum Trainer is to help individuals and teams achieve success in their Agile journey.

Scrum and Agile practices are what I live for. And in my 10 years of experience in this framework I’ve had the privilege of training and coaching professionals from various industries and backgrounds. I love sharing my knowledge and experience, and helping others discover the power of Agile methodologies.
Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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Quick Fix for a workshop

$5 CAD

Succeeding in your first days as a Scrum Master

$65.9 CAD

Starting a new Agile team from scratch

$210 CAD

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Get a
Professional Scrum training

Join an official Scrum.org course to get certified, self-study to become and Agile expert with my online course, or enroll to the one-on-one mentorship program for Agile professionals.

Please contact me if you’re interested in a private training for your team.

Agile Fundamentals Course

A complete newbie but want to start your Agile career off?

Scrum Master Mentorship

Already a certified Scrum Master but are struggling with day-to-day operations or team dynamics?

PSM Certification

Join me for the class to learn what Scrum is really about and prepare for the PSM certification exam

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Get Immediate Insights

Watch some awesome videos where I talk about Agile and the role of the Scrum Master. Subscribe to Youtube Channel and Instagram for more Scrum & Agile content.
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Scrum in 5 minutes from Professional Scrum Trainer

9 mins

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What Does a Scrum Master Do All Day?

11 mins

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Scrum Master's Role in Daily Scrum

4 mins

Try Our Action Week

Build New Skills &
Show Results

Join me in this 7-day challenge for Scrum Masters where I guide you through improvement you can implement in your team. Every business day you’ll take a new action to build new skills and show how you can help for long-term success.

Looking for a Mentor?

Invest in your continuous career development

Let me help you build the skills and develop practical knowledge you will need on your Agile journey.

Together we will be able to solve your real-life challenges and set you up for success with a personalized development plan.

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