6 Questions about Scrum Master Role Answered ๐ŸŽฅ

Not a long time ago I have received some great questions from one of the Scrum Masters using my products. I thought that these questions are an opportunity for me to provide some valuable answers in a short video. Though, I have already sent my answers via email (thank you for reaching out, btw), I want to share them with a wider audience.

As I jump into more details about this, let me preface it with a shameless plug:

The Scrum Master Starter Guide

All of the questions are related to Scrum Master Starter Guide – a step-by-step guide for new Scrum Masters joing a new team. It goes over the most important aspects of the role, and gives you clear action plan for your first days, weeks and months of being in the role.

If you need help starting out and would like to wow your manager and your team by your skills, then this guide might be the right thing for you. If it’s your first purchase, use the code SCRUMFIRST to get 10% off.

The 6 questions answered

Just a quick recap of the questions I answered in this video:

  1. Quote from the Scrum Master Starter Guide: “Your Scrum Masterโ€™s Product Backlog is a living artefact that you will be updating on a regular basis thanks to new observations and data you collect.” Do you have any suggestions on which tool to use for the Product Backlog or do you have any template to share?
  2. Quote from the Scrum Master Starter Guide: “Developers need to be aware of the contents of the Product Backlog (PB) so that you donโ€™t waste time during the meeting. Reminding them that they need to review the PB and ask any questions in advance is important” How much time before do you recommend? Considering that they have to work on the actual Sprint?
  3. Quote from the Scrum Master Starter Guide: “Help use metrics to plan better and avoid overcommitting.” Can you give an example of which metrics to use?
  4. Quote from the Scrum Master Starter Guide: “Review progress towards the Product Goal and likely
    completion dates
    ” What do you mean with likely completion dates?
  5. Quote from the Scrum Master Starter Guide: “The team might want to do a dry run to get ready. Since stakeholders attend Sprint Reviews, itโ€™s important to have a concise and clear presentation to keep them engaged” What’s the best time to organize it in your opinion?
  6. Quote from the Scrum Master Starter Guide: “Prevent the team from promising delivery of certain features by certain dates. Coach stakeholders and the team on the uncertainty of their work and the value of inspection and adaptation.” I’m thinking this is one of the most important things to do, do you agree?

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