How to Set Positive Mood in your Team with a Successful Retrospective

How to set positive mood in your team with a successful retrospective - ScrumMastered 2024

I love writing about Retrospectives. I would even say that it is my favourite Sprint Ceremony. Interestingly enough, my mood often depends on the outcome of the Retrospective, because I really want the team to improve.

So when the Retrospective is a success and the team finds great experiments to run in the next sprint and leaves the room in high spirits and lots of hope, I feel good, I feel I succeeded as a Scrum Master.

But when the Retrospective is dragging and the team just wants to get out of there, and everybody feels the tension in the room, and at the end we do not have any good actionable items, I feel I failed – I failed to help my team improve.

That is why I am keen on finding better ways to run Retrospectives. In one of my earlier articles I talked about five reasons why you should use different Retrospective techniques.

Currently, I am on a mission to collect awesome Retro techniques that can be used by anyone, tested with real teams and written with clear instructions.

While my goal is to write a book with 20 step-by-step techniques (start-to-finish) for Retrospectives with different focus areas, I would like to share one part of the upcoming book with you. I have collected five techniques that I run with my teams and that brought awesome results.

You can get access to the free guide with 5 step-by-step techniques when you subscribe to the newsletter (as well as more awesome tools). Go check it out!

When you do read the guide, please let me know what you think by sending me a direct email or commenting below.

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