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Scrum Master is a misunderstood role in Scrum. Often people think that Scrum Masters are the Project Managers under another name. So it’s quite common for some to be confused after realising that the above statement is incorrect.
​”Well, what do you do then? You can’t be just coaching people all day, there’s work to be done, right?”I understand the confusion. The Scrum Guide is quite vague on what a Scrum Master does. “Coaching and facilitation” as a popular answer does not really give teams and organisations enough information to understand what to task your Scrum Master with.

That is where you’ll often see newcomers to the role having to work on all different priorities that have nothing to do with the actual role. You won’t believe how often I get asked the question about my daily activities on the job.

To finally reduce the confusion and help new Scrum Masters in their first steps in the role, I sat down and gathered all the daily tasks I perform when working with my teams. Together with my fellow Scrum Masters we reviewed it and agreed that it all makes a lot of sense.

My notes are now available in the Action Plan for Scrum Masters. There I deep dive into each part of the role on a task level. You will know exactly what each item from the Scrum Guide mean:

  • Coaching the team and the organisation.
  • Facilitating Scrum events or other meetings if needed.
  • Removing impediments to the team’s progress.
  • Actively working with the Product Owner.

I also touch base on other popular activities, such as:

  • Identifying areas of improvement.
  • Visualizing important information for the team’s success.
  • Preparing training materials and running training sessions, and some more.

Head over to the freebie section to download the Action Plan.

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