What to focus on when you join a new team as a Scrum Master

Ever thought of what you are going to do when you join a new Agile team? 

I am sure you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it: all the positive changes that you need to bring, all the expectations the company has about you and your team… 

Keep your cool        v( ̄ー ̄)v 

I have an action plan for you about what you should do first and foremost when joining a new team as a Scrum Master (and it does not start with ‘make some changes’). It could take a while to understand how to approach your Scrum Master role, especially, if you are completely new to this. 

Watch the video to know exactly what your should focus on in the first two weeks of joining a team.

It is twice as hard to make positive changes for your team, if you do not know what to focus on. That’s why I have created an Action Plan for Scrum Masters that can help you undertstand where you should be spending your time during the day. 

You can download it for FREE when you subscribe to the newsletter.

I would love to hear from you about your approach when you joing a new team as a Scrum Master:

What is the first thing you would do or say when staring working with a new Scrum team?
What is one thing you would never do when joining a new team as a Scrum Master?

Comment below. If you are a practicing Scrum Master, share your experiences – let’s learn from each other. If you are just starting out in a Scrum Master role, share your action plan for the future.

If you would like to get more help on where to start, I encourage you to get engaged in the community, reach out to your peers and check out the  Scrum.org forum as a great place to share knowledge and learn.

Finally, if you’re looking to continue your education and level up your Agile and Scrum skills without spending thousands of dollars, I invite you to check out The Scrum Master Certification.


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