Traits that help you succeed in the Scrum Master role

I feel that often times Scrum Master role requires a specific type of people to do an amazing job and to enjoy the process. Let’s be honest, being a Scrum Master can be tough, but the right traits will help you get through it with ease (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

As I worked with my Scrum teams I noticed that a certain approach and a certain way of looking at things makes it easier to succeed. ​Interestingly enough, as I was getting more experience in the role, my personality started to change and I started to develop necessary traits along the way. I was excited about it because I felt that these traits are a great fit for me.

So when you step into the Scrum Master role check how your current personality align with the role itself and how ready you are to work on your personal traits to be an awesome Scrum Master.

Watch the video to know what traits great Scrum Masters have.

There a so many different traits that can help you succeed in this role, I am pretty sure you can write a book about it. But we should not get carried away. We should focus on the most important things.I want to know what you think. Comment below with answers to these questions:

What trait do you think is the most important for a Scrum Master to be successful?

Do you think that traits can be more important than skills and knowledge sometimes? Why?

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Hi, my name is Daria Bagina. I’m a Professional Scrum Trainer with and a practicing Scrum Master. I help teams and organizations to get the most out of the Scrum and Agile implementation by sharing my personal stories and practical advice.

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4 Responses

  1. That was nice. The 4 traits care for others, people person, patience and curiosity. Definitely needed. I would also say building that relationship with the team which ofcourse is part of being the people person. Building relationship with the team and thereby enhancing trust among the team and with the scrum master elevates the progress of the team.

  2. That’s a good point. Thank you for sharing. I talk about relationship building in some other videos and whitepapers, so we are definitely on the same page here.
    Building trust is essential in building the right culture that allows Scrum to thrive.

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