Avoid Doing These Things as a Scrum Master

There is a lot of talkโ€‹ about what a typical day of a Scrum Master looks like and it is a fair question. Because the role is described in a vague manner in the Scrum Guide, it is important to have a detailed responsibilities list to understand it sometimes. 

(thank goodness, I have created such a list in my Action Plan for Scrum Masters that I sure hope you have downloaded already. And if you haven’t – what are you doing??? – go sign up for the newsletter and download it!)

However, as we dive deeper into daily tasks of a Scrum Master, we can get distracted and start doing too much. Yes, it actually can be a real problem in this role.

It might sound unusual, but great Scrum Masters have a list of things they should actively avoid doing if they want to be successful in helping their teams become more Agile.

In today’s short video, I will talk about crucial mistakes that can prevent your team from succeeding with Agile and how to avoid them.

There are always plenty of things to do and as a Scrum Master you should know what to prioritize to help your team in the long run. After all, to help your team navigate the waters of Agile, you need to teach them to swim, not build a fence around your swimmng pool.

On to the question. What are your thoughts about the statement below?

“Scrum Master’s sole purpose is to work themselves out of their job” – TRUE or FALSE?

Share your thoughts in a comment below because the best way to learn is from each other! 

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