Using Tools to Improve Your Sprint Retrospectives šŸŽ„

If you’re looking for ways to implement retrospective games to increase team engagement and focus, you’ve come to the right place.

Retrospective Poker is a tool that give you 20 fun retrospective techniques to use with your team. You can also use the cards to involve your team in choosing their retrospective before the meeting even starts.

In this short post, I would like to share a tutorial to Retrospective Poker and an introduction to the book Retrospectives: A Scrum Master’s Guide.

Retrospective Poker is a great tool to make your retrospectives more productive and more engaging. Watch the video to know more about how this deck of cards can help you improve your every retrospective.

With more and more information going digital, it is sometimes nice to actually hold something real in your hands.

Actual printed cards will help people feel more attached to the content. It also makes preparation for the retrospective meeting much more like a game. And we all know, that sometimes just a little bit of fun can break the ice before a potentially difficult discussion.

Retrospective Poker brings games into continuous improvement.

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