The Ultimate Guide
to Scrum in Practice

Get all the key knowledge you need to start as a new Scrum Master in a new team.

This guide will give you actionable steps to take on a daily basis to set yourself up for success and implement real improvements in your first months working with a Scrum Team.

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Scrum Guide Reviews From Other Scrum Masters

"I wish i had something like this when I started newly as a Scrum Master, it would have helped me a great deal in navigating my team."
Sayo - ScrumMastered 2024
Scrum Master
"Thank you Daria Bagina for giving holistic understanding about the role of a Scrum Master in the simplest way as possible."
generated1 - ScrumMastered 2024
Scrum Master
Scrum Master Checklists

Start your Scrum Master job with a clear plan of action

The Scrum Master Startup Guide gets you and your team ready with the help of checklists and talking points.

With the help of this guide as a Scrum Master you will know exactly what to do and to say to get your point across. You’ll also be able to teach and coach others, and achieve great results.

It walks you through your first days and weeks in the role, and continues to guide you every step of the way going forward.

Impress your manager with your knowledge of Scrum tools and practices

The Startup Guide helps you follow best practices of being a Scrum Master. Which immediately proves your worth to your manager.

You’ll be able to facilitate sprint events, conduct team assessments, set up sprint schedules, create and present improvement plans, and more!

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