Why should you choose ScrumMastered?

ScrumMastered is not just your regular Scrum training and consulting company. It’s a place for Agile professionals to gain practical insights and real-life examples of implementation of Scrum.

It has been created by Daria Bagina, who continues to actively play the role of a Scrum Master and Agile Coach in different organizations bringing her experiences to her audience.

Daria is passionate about helping Scrum Masters succeed and provides a variety of different products that can be used in many situations.

If you are looking for official Scrum.org training on Professional Scrum, head over to our class schedule to see upcoming courses.

If you are looking for practical tools for Scrum Masters, check the online store at shop.scrummastered.com

What is the process of certification?

Here at ScrumMastered we provide training from Scrum.org to help you obtain Professional Scrum certificates such as PSM I, PSM II, PAL I.

You can pass the assessment at Scrum.org website on your own by paying directly for it. You do not have to attend training to do so.

However, we always recommend attending a class. It not only allows you to get ready to the exam, but to also review common misconceptions and see Scrum in practice through case studies and exercises.

Will I get any certification on completion on course?

After attending a class, you will get up to two free attempts at the relevant Professional Scrum assessment with Scrum.org

You can take the exam at any point in time after the class – there is no expiration date.

What will I accomplish after attending a class?

There are multiple benefits to attending Professional Scrum classes.

The content of the class is curated by Scrum.org. It’s high quality, interactive, and 100% aligned with Scrum. So you can be sure to learn what Scrum really is based on approved material.

The class is also an opportunity to ask your trainer some specific questions and get help real-time. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss various situations and the implementation of Scrum in your organization.

During the class we will also go through a variety of group exercises where you will learn the practical aspect of Scrum, not just theory. You will see multiple real-life examples and discuss approaches that can work. This is something that you can take away with you after the class and implement in your team or organization.

In addition to the Scrum framework, we cover some other important Agile topics that can help you not just to learn the basics, but go a bit deeper into topics of leadership, teamwork, and change management.

Is the Scrum Master also a Project Manager?

Scrum Master is a very different role from Project Manager. It requires different skills and traits to succeed. Most of the daily Scrum Master tasks are very different from what a Project Manager does every day. This is why training is an important piece in your career development, if you consider becoming a Scrum Master.

If you would like to learn more about what a Scrum Master does all day, download the free whitepaper Action Plan for Scrum Masters where I go over examples of daily tasks.

What is the role of an Agile Coach?

In many organizations, Agile Coach is considered a step up from the Scrum Master role. However, as per Scrum, a great Scrum Master does what an Agile Coach would do anyway.

The goal of agile coaching is to help the whole organization successfully navigate Agile transformation. It’s not only working with a single Scrum Team, but rather working with leadership and overall organizational structure.

It often involves ongoing training and process optimization. The success would also depend on the implementation of Scrum/Agile-friendly culture that requires many changes in values, principles, and behaviors of employees of every level.

If you are ready to level up your Scrum Master skills, check my online course Fundamentals of Agile Coaching.

What is covered in the advanced Scrum Master course?

The Professional Scrum Master II class (or Advanced Professional Scrum Master) is a class focused on Scrum Masters with experience who want to level up their knowledge and skills.

It is a great class for those of you who have already been working with a Scrum Team in an organization going through an Agile transformation.

The advanced Scrum Master course is a zero-slides experience where you learn new tools and practices by actively participating in them.

It’s a unique course that was designed by Scrum Masters for Scrum Masters. During the class, we will leverage the knowledge of the participants to create individual actionable steps you can start implementing immediately to grow in your role.

Head over to our class schedule to see upcoming courses and sign up for PSM II class.

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