I had ChatGPT write my Scrum Master resume. Is it any good? + PROMPT & TEMPLATE

Creating resumes. It can be especially complex if you are starting out in your role.

For example, if you’re transitioning into a Scrum Master role, you may not know what to actually put into your resume and how to present your skills so that your potential employer sees that you would be able to perform the Scrum Master role.

There are some things that I generally recommend doing when creating resumes. And today I wanted to show you some of the tips and tricks.

I also wanted to see if AI can be helpful in this case. So I will be using ChatGPT as well to help me with that.

I also will be giving you some tips on how to not only just write the text, but actually structure your resume in such a way that it attracts your potential employers.

Let’s jump into ChatGPT and ask it to write a resume for us.

Asking ChatGPT to create a Scrum Master resume

Can you create me a Scrum Master resume?
Scrum Master resume from ChatGPT version 1.1 - ScrumMastered 2024

You can only use this as inspiration, really just to give you some ideas of what are some of the skills that you would want to highlight in your resume. But it is really NOT just a copy-and-paste type of deal.

Let’s see what we have here.

It’s always good to have a summary. The one written by ChatGPT seems pretty good. Here’s what I like:

  • results-oriented Scrum Master
  • Agile development teams
  • facilitating events
  • collaboration
  • stakeholders
  • removing impediments

All of these are good keywords to have in your resume.

Now let’s look into some professional experience.

  • “Facilitated daily standups”. Unfortunately, it is taking the information from the web and it’s clear that daily standups are more known than Daily Scrum, which is the correct name to use.
  • Then we have “sprint reviews and retrospectives”; “coach, mentor the team in agile principles, practices and scrum framework”, “self-organization”. Some really good words in here.
  • “Identifying and resolving impediments”; “worked closely with the product owner”. Always a good thing to highlight if you have this experience.
  • “Implement and maintain agile metrics”. Definitely, a good thing to highlight if you do have experience with metrics, whether it’s velocity or if it’s value metrics. That could be even better if you have some experience with more of the product value type of metrics.
  • “Continuous improvement, effective decision making”.

As you can see, it only gave me just one experience that kind of highlights the key responsibilities of a scrum master.

Let’s look at the skills section.

  • “Agile methodologies” (which they’re not really methodologies, but agile ways of working). And then we see Scrum framework, Kanban method.
  • “Agile project management tools”. This is good. Especially for companies that are using tools like Jira because. They don’t really want to spend their time teaching you how to use them. They want someone who knows how to use them, and often they actually don’t know how to use them. So they are looking for someone who can come in and help their teams use them more effectively.
  • “Team collaboration and communication tools” – I really don’t think that this is necessary. Who cannot really use Slack or Microsoft Teams? I wouldn’t put it here at all in any resume, to be honest.
  • “Continuous integration and delivery practices”. That’s really good, same as CICD or software development life cycle.

What is missing from the resume created by ChatGPT?

I think it is actually missing some soft skills. Yes, we talk about them in the experience section. But we want to have some ways for the recruiter to actually quickly jump from word to word and see the key skills that you are bringing in. (let’s be honest, no one is actually reading through the whole resume ever).

If you want to learn more about what skills Scrum Masters should have, check out this blog post šŸ‘‰

must-have Scrum Master skills

What are some of the things that we definitely would want to add?

You would want to highlight things like:

  • facilitation, coaching, teaching, mentoring, stakeholder management, product backlog management, conflict resolution, strong problem solving and decision making, interpersonal and communication skills, etc.

The next section is Certifications:

  • Certified Scrum Master,
  • Professional Scrum Master,
  • or any other well-recognized certification, maybe Licensed Scrum Master.

Pay attention to where you get your certifications. If you haven’t seen my video on Scrum study, I encourage you to go and watch it just so that you know šŸ‘‰

SCRUM STUDY THUMBNAIL 1 - ScrumMastered 2024

Writing a Scrum Master resume for someone transitioning from another role

Say you are transitioning from a different role and you want to take the experience from that role and highlight it in a Scrum Master resume. Can ChatGPT help us with that? Let’s try.

Here is the prompt that I used:

Can you create a resume for a Scrum Master job but for someone who is transitioning into this role from a Business Analyst role and might not have direct Scrum Master skills? Please highlight any relevant skills that a Business Analyst would have that will be relevant to becoming a Scrum Master. In the summary add the explanation about the lack of Scrum Master experience and desire to become a Scrum Master and why it is a good fit. 

The results:

Scrum Master resume from ChatGPT version 2 - ScrumMastered 2024

It changed the information in the summary:

“Results Driven Business Analyst transitioning into the Scrum Master role, bringing X number of years of experience in analyzing processes, facilitating requirements gathering, and driving project success”.

Problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. These are obviously very relevant skills.

“Passionate about agile ways of working”.

Why I definitely would recommend if you are transitioning from a different role to add something into the summary or objective:

that explains why you don’t have any experience and actually highlights why you want to become a Scrum Master.

That it’s not like you’re a business analyst and you’re just applying for a Scrum Master role, because you don’t even understand what the role is, but you actually are consciously applying to a Scrum Master role even though you currently only have a business analyst experience.

That is good to have this objective and explanation in the summary.

A lot of recruiters only read just a few lines, the key lines in your resume.

ChatGPT has us just one professional experience in here:

  • “Requirements, stakeholders” – some good things here.
  • “Collaborated with cross-functional teams”. We can see that some key terms are being used here.
  • For example, “Facilitated workshops and meetings to gather and validate requirements”. This is not necessarily something related to the Scrum master role, but Scrum Master is a facilitator, so if you have experience facilitating some kind of discussions or workshops, especially with stakeholders – highlight it.
  • “Applied critical thinking”, “problem-solving”, “played a key role and bring the gap between business and technical teams”. This is very good. There are a lot of soft skills that are maybe not necessarily Scrum Master related, but they’re very relevant and definitely are needed for a Scrum Master.

If you’re a business analyst, but you are working with a Scrum team or with Agile teams, this is how you can gain relevant Scrum Master experience, even if you are not a Scrum Master.

If you have attended sprint planning, reviews, daily scrum, You can actually put that information here and then those keywords will be found by search engines.

Creating a visually appealing resume

Now we have all of this info. Let’s actually use it to create a resume. I’m actually going to give you a little cheat, so let me go into Canva.

Canva is a really good tool that helps you create designs for pretty much anything. It can be documents, presentations, images, and resumes.

So this is why I really like it. And so here we’ll go in and in just the templates across the Canva website, we can find a template for resumes.

General recommendation is to have a resume that is no more than two pages. People will not read anything after page one, to be honest.

Here below is the design I’ve chosen. šŸ‘‰ Click here to access the template

Scrum Master Resume - ScrumMastered 2024

Advice and tips on how to structure your resume

There are lots of things I can suggest and recommend, but here are some key more important ones:

  • Create a resume using Canva, which offers straightforward software and easy-to-use templates. Spending time on creating a visually pleasing resume WILL differentiate you from the crowd.
  • Start by highlighting what role you are applying for (or who you are) at the top right below your name!
  • Use boxes to separate information and highlight key details, such as certifications, experience, skills.
  • Arrange different resume sections (work experience, skills, education) in a visually appealing and organized manner.
  • Craft a clear and concise summary, potentially using bullet points to make it easier to read.
  • Emphasize relevant skills FIRST like Agile, Scrum, stakeholder management, and process improvement.
  • Consider adding icons, logos, or badges to enhance the visual appeal of the resume.
  • Maintain alignment and double-check for any spelling mistakes or formatting inconsistencies. It’s worth your time. Trust me!
  • Aim for an overall professional and well-structured resume that effectively highlights qualifications and achievements.
  • Highlight keywords in bold to make it easy for the reader to notice them.

Some other things you can add to your resume:

  • Additional links you want people to go and look for like LinkedIn or Medium (if you have a blog), or your personal website.
  • References: Provided upon request.

It’s good if you have both the PDF version and a text version of your resume since sometimes you need to just copy the text into the recruiter’s system.

But the PDF version is the one you want your hiring manager to see!

Do you think that ChatGPT helped us create a good resume or not?

Obviously it is very limited in what it can do. It can just give you some ideas and inspiration. Don’t just copy and paste because you’re gonna go into the interview and people will ask you questions on what is written in there, and if you actually don’t know and cannot speak to any of those experiences – you are in big trouble.

I think that using AI tools can be very beneficial. Then tools like Canva can help you make much better, more designed, and more thoughtful resumes and other documents.

This was just a quick overview of how you can create a resume, where you can find the information and how you can stand out.

Whether you’re just starting out or you are already working with teams, I have lots of great products that can be extremely valuable to you as a Scrum Master or someone working with Agile teams overall in the ScrumMastered store.

If you are just starting out right now and you really need help to kind of get started, to figure out what you do on a day-to-day and also understand, how to even start up a Scrum team, check out my Scrum Master Startup Guide.

It’s a great guide that kind of works you through from day one to your entire day-to-day as a Scrum Master and a Scrum team.

We look into how to create schedules for your sprints, how to organize all of the events, how to facilitate them so that you stay focused on what’s the most important and so that you can help your team and the organization improve.

Ultimate guide to Scrum Master role ScrumMastered - ScrumMastered 2024

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