Ultimate Guide for Scrum Master / Project Manager role

Last night I was thinking about the Scrum Master role and how it just doesn’t fit into the organizational structures in real world.

If the organization has to adapt to Scrum, it means that Scrum doesn’t work. So instead we need to adapt Scrum.

And where else to start if not with the Scrum Master.

We all know that Scrum Master is just another name for jobs that already exist in the organization: Project Manager, Team Lead, Delivery Manager, and others.

To help teams and organizations work through that terminology change, I have created an ultimate guide for Scrum Masters who are actually Project Managers.

Because many teams are struggling with this, I have decided to make this guide available for FREE! Download it and get started with the “Scrum Master” role.

P.S.: Don’t take life too seriously.

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