14 Scrum Questions Answered [July 2021]

A quick recap of the live event we had yesterday, July 28th. If you were not able to join, here is a recording of the answers. Unfortunately, I was not able to save the video, therefore, it’s an audio only recording.

I will be holding another live session next month. If you want to be notified of when I go live, subscribe to my mailing list as well as follow me on social media. I will be streaming on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

Scrum questions from the audience

To help you navigate the video, here are the questions and the timestamps to easily find the answers you need:

  • 01:33 How do you help team come up with a Sprint Goal?
  • 05:33 Are there job roles that can transition well into becoming a scrum master?
  • 09:56 How to make the retrospective more fun online?
  • 15:11 How do you use Product Goal while sprint planning?
  • 17:24 Real-life cases of “”fixed-price”” Scrum contracts, in particular in green-field projects where no previous experience/metric can help to guess a budget.”
  • 21:33 I was a project coordinator in an Agile organization in a publication field. Will they consider my experience in IT for Scrum Master?
  • 23:29 What are some good self-assessments to use so I can baseline my team and move towards improving their performance?
  • 29:53 Team estimating specific tasks separately then combine the result. Does it seem fine? How can it be corrected without impacting the velocity?
  • 36:12 Any reports or documents that we can use for action plans after Retrospectives?
  • 39:21 Any certifications that you would recommend for getting SDLC knowledge?
  • 41:27 Only some team members participate in the Retrospective. How can we help everyone participate?
  • 44:35 A friend of mine has a gap of 8 years in her career. What would be your advice for her?
  • 48:17 How to have a more productive and engaging Daily Scrum?
  • 53:04 The team has lots of bugs to fix. How do I address that as a Scrum Master? I’m thinking of a team RCA in Miro

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