Keep those Scrum Questions Coming [October 1st]

My last stream was a sneaky one, and many of you didn’t get a chance to participate.

However, you can watch the recording here – that way you didn’t really miss anything.

In addition, in this livestream I gave you a short tour of the Mastering Scrum Pro community to give you a better view on all the great things we’ll be doing there.

  • 1:30– What are the key roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master?
  • 7:32– Is Devops a contradiction to Scrum?
  • 12:10– Prioritization techniques for Product backlog?
  • 24:35– Is Delivery Manager role necessary when the role is actually done by product owner? I see an overlap in these roles where I work. E.g- for communicating the release plans with 3rd party provider.
  • 29:19– You clearly know a few developers are are intentionally avoiding to pick the work in the Sprint. How are you going to address it?
  • 37:43– The tour of our Mastering Scrum Pro community!

Join me next month for more Scrum questions. However, if you feel that one livestream a month is just not enough for you, then you should consider joining us in the community. I will be hosting at least three working sessions a month with the members.

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