Scrum Master Interviews: Question about skills

Many of you reach out to me asking how to become a Scrum Master: how to gain experience, how to write the resume, how to pass the interview. I would love to be able to provide 1:1 mentoring to each of you, but that would be impossible for me to do. I still want to support you, and I’d like to announce an upcoming program called Becoming a Scrum Master.

I have partnered with Ryan Ripley from Agile for Humans to work on this program together.

About the program

It is going to be a live 6-week program where we will cover the most important topics when switching into the Scrum Master role:

  • What knowledge and skills you need and how and where you can get them.
  • How to write a good resume for Scrum Master jobs.
  • How to prepare for a Scrum Master interview.
  • How to read Scrum Master job descriptions and recognize red flags.
  • What do you actually do on the job.
  • How to get your name out there and build connections in the Agile community.

We want this program to be as actionable as possible and we want to give participants an opportunity to get ahead in their transition during the 6 weeks.

Every week we will meet at the most convenient time for everyone in the group to work together on a specific topic. Every week you will have a task to accomplish and submit in the group for review. Every week you will be able to take a step towards the perfect Scrum Master position.

Sign up to the waiting list to be notified of the program launch and get special launch offers.

Becoming a Scrum Master

To give you a little sneak peek into the topics we are planning on discussing, we have decided to record a couple of videos to answer some of your burning questions.

This time we are asking each other some interview questions that we like to ask when we’re interviewing Scrum Masters.

Ryan asks me about the skills I have that would be helpful in a Scrum Master role. Watch my other video on the 4 must-have Scrum Master skills to get some more insights.

šŸ‘‰ Listen in and let us know: how would you answer this question? And what other tough questions have you been asked during interviews? šŸ’¬

By the way, we have also released another video where I interview Ryan with a very good (and tough) question. Go over to Agile for Humans YouTube channel to watch! (they are almost at 10K subscribers! let’s help them get to their next milestone!)

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