Coaching Product Owners

Let’s continue the discussion in part two on this virtual Lean Coffee recording. This time we discuss how a Scrum Master should be coaching Product Owners and team leads.

Did you miss the last video? Watch part 1 of virtual lean coffee to learn how to facilitate one yourself.

Last time we have set up the session, run a brainstorming exercise, then voting and discussed an interesting topic about Daily Scrum and Sprint Backlog. Featuring another Professional Scrum Trainer, David Sabine.

Scrum Master as a Coach

Coaching stance can be difficult to take, especially, if you’re just starting out as a Scrum Master or joining a new team.

In this video, we discuss two important topics about relationships between the Product Owner, the team and the management. We give some good tips on coaching Product Owners as well as your team leads to get the most out of Scrum.

Good approaches to coach a PO, especially when he/she has tendency for a ‘command & control’ behavior.

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“How to work with teams which has PO and multiple managers of team members? (When they join retro, planning etc and having conflict with PO)

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We had some great volunteers join the discussion and share their ideas. It was awesome to hear valuable insights and personal stories. Draw on others advice to step up your game as a Scrum Master.

You can go to the displayed timestamp to watch the part of the video that interests your the most.

There are two more questions left in this virtual Lean Coffe. Stay tuned for more videos with further questions.

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