šŸŽ„ How to Interview Scrum Masters

Recently I’ve posted an article where I roast my old Scrum Master resume which was well received but raised even more questions by candidates: how do you pass the interview for a Scrum Master role?

That’s why I decided to film another video to share my thoughts on the subject.

Let me set the expectations straight: this is not really a guide and it was not intended like one. I just wanted to share my thoughts in this quick conversational informal video.

Nonetheless, I do hope that it gives you some ideas and insights on what to expect from a Scrum Master interview and how to go about it.

It depends on the recruiter

The thing is, there is no one answer when it comes to the interview. It really depends on the company and the recruiter.

As a Scrum Trainer and a practicing Scrum Master myself, I know what kind fo questions to ask and what kind of person I’m looking for. In a way, it’s easy for me.

However, as a Scrum Master looking for a job you might stumble upon a completely different situation and questions.

I remember at the very beginning of my career, I was interviewing for a Scrum Master role. I lacked confidence and really needed a job. The recruitement team asked me lots of technical questions and gave me case studies that are more of a concern for a Product Owner than a Scrum Master, for example, how do you prioritize these Backlog items.

I didn’t know that these questions had nothing to do with my role and felt like I failed. However, it is only now I understand that the recruiter didn’t really know who they were recruiting. I’m lucky I didn’t pass that interview.

Are you looking for a Scrum Master?

If your company is fairly new to Scrum and Agile, you might not know how to properly interview Scrum Masters. Hopefully, you can find this video and get some insights.

Remember, that the key here is to find the right person: caring, patient, curious. Someone who can be a great team fit.

Of course, if your company is just starting out you also need someone very knowledgeable who can teach you and the team how to get the full benefits of agility. For that, you need someone who knows what they are talking about.

You need an expert to hire an expert. I suggest asking for someone with proven experience and knowledge to help you out, for example, a Professional Scrum Trainer.

After all, you don’t want to leave the success of your whole organization to a chance.

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