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Sharing practical tips on how to build awesome teams using Agile and Scrum practices.

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Scrum Master Mentorship

Get help and guidance on real life challenges in your Scrum Master role.

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The ULTIMATE Guide to the Scrum Master Role

It’s so much more than just an action plan.
I share concrete practices and tools you can use, provide you with templates, and give you examples of how to be successful in a Scrum Master role.
This can be a perfect explanation of the role even before you start.

📝 My Must-Have Tools

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Digital notepad for note taking

I use it to take my notes, make illustration, graphs, charts and mind maps.
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Electric standing desk

It really helps me stay healthier and reduce back pain. I spend a few hours standing up before moving the desk back down.
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SecretLab chair - ScrumMastered 2024

The most comfortable office chair

This is the best office chair I have ever used! No more back pain. No more stiff shoulders.
Mine is the Titan 2020 series.

Loom logo - ScrumMastered 2024

Remote collaboration with video

Easy to use video and screen recorder that is integrated with Jira! Instead of typing it, just record a video. It saves so much time when working remotely!

Bastion Bolt Pen - ScrumMastered 2024

Professional business pen

A high quality stainless steel pen with a bolt action mechanism that has a secondary function of stress release 😄

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